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Discovering dynamic abstract modern designs for your space

Discover trendy background ideas for your next design needs

These days, abstract artistic images are trending, thanks to a growing interest in fine art and craft-inspired products. These are no longer limited to the confines of a gallery, and abstract art brings a touch of creativity and individuality to almost any space, either virtual or physical. 

The abstract modern design works beautifully for website layouts and serves as an elegant, versatile backdrop for text and photos. Different abstract art styles work for various websites, from e-commerce to corporate services. 

Here in this guide, we have discovered five ideas for using abstract art. It also includes recommended images for online stores, portfolios, services, architectural studios, and restaurants. 

Discover trendy background ideas for your next design needs

1: Abstract art for e-commerce websites

Visitors to an online store must have a fuss-free shopping experience. You need to seek out abstract images that help direct the focus onto the product itself. Both busy and ultra-colorful backgrounds might not be the best choice for e-commerce sites. 

Try images with plenty of white space for placing product images and soothing color palettes that helps in creating a calming atmosphere for users. Look at organic abstract images that create earthy and mid-century-inspired color palettes. One can use these types of abstract backgrounds and graphics in order to reinforce the craft theme of the products. 

On the other side, gentle abstract images can work effectively for various online stores, including those featuring beauty, lifestyle, furniture, or clothing. Background images that incorporate 3D renders are designed to showcase product mockups and are useful for landing pages and product carousels—looking for geometric designs and materials- such as paper, marble, and metallic accents.

2: Abstract Art for Portfolio designs

Whether you are a photographer, illustrator, designer, or architect, a beautifully-designed portfolio website is essential for attracting new customers and securing future projects. You probably have an image that you would like to use as the focal point of your portfolio site. 

Abstract images can still play a significant role in filling these gaps and especially, on pages that would otherwise be a little stark, such as contact and bio-pages. Geometric abstract backgrounds can help create interesting spaces for placing links, menu items, or project images and are stylish.

Meanwhile, paper, textile, or clay features hint at a creative profession. One needs to look for abstract images that connect with your discipline. For instance, paint splatter images are perfect for painters or ceramicists. Meanwhile, web designers can also opt for tech-inspired digital art in order to emphasize their trade.

3: Abstract for Corporate Services

Remember, corporate doesn't have to be a byword for boring whenever it comes to design. Corporate services such as legal firms and financial businesses can integrate abstract art into their websites and convey a sense of intellectualism, professionalism, and innovative thinking. 

It's true that minimalist abstract images will suit corporate services or businesses and require a more formal look to their site designs. Whereas tiled designs with a geometric style look striking and contemporary, vector formats also allow you to incorporate the business's brand colors easily. 

One can achieve a more energized and trend-led style for branding, advertising, and social media agencies by using art-inspired graphics. You can also try more subtle monochrome geometric art for a corporate-appropriate, elegant style for backgrounds and icons. Thus, try to find more abstract art images which you find suitable for corporate and professional websites. 

4: Abstract for Architecture-Design studios

It is not essential that abstract art has to be strokes of paint. Abstract photography of surfaces or textures can be a great fit for websites focused on material-centric design such as architecture, landscaping, and product design. There are various architectural practices and design studios that can use abstract images on their websites to create the best experience. 

Furthermore, it gives potential clients a strong sense of their methods and styles. Seamless backgrounds with a material focus, whether metal, stone, wood, or marble, give pages a tactile quality. 

Meanwhile, the repetitive nature of these images can help create a versatile, textural backdrop to more detail-focused product images. One needs to look for closeups of materials, surface patterns, and wall textures in subdued colors in order to integrate them into the background of pages.

5: Abstract art for restaurants, cafes, and bars

Both the food and beverage industry is widely varied as it mainly focuses on cuisines, restaurant locations, and products. A restaurant's website should celebrate its individuality and provide an engaging experience for users. Thus, it would help to give them a taste of what they can actually expect from only a dining visit.  

We can say that abstract art is a fantastic choice for food and beverage sites as it celebrates this individuality and elevates the aspirational experience of the website. Many restaurants use abstract canvas art prints in their marketing design, and because of abstract art's associations, it comes with creativity and luxury. You can browse abstract act from an online shop and find your favorite design for your space.

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