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4 Abstract Art Gift Ideas for College Students That They'll Actually Like

4 Abstract Art Gift Ideas for College Students That They'll Actually Like

It's finally happened. The kid you watched grow up, helping them through everything, from scraped knees to high school heartbreak, is now somehow college-bound, matriculating this fall. You can't help but wonder, how will they fare on their own? What can we do to comfort them from a distance?

Well, on the one hand, we helped raise them. Whether son or daughter, niece or nephew, granddaughter or grandson, we had a part in shaping them into the, gulp, young adult they are today. We just need to stay calm, trust ourselves, and trust that we've taught our loved ones to make good decisions.

But that doesn't mean we need to send them off empty handed. So what do you give someone as they embark on their first real solo journey?

The College Experience Is Essentially an Exercise in Abstract Art

That may be a bold statement, and perhaps a bit biased, given that I've spent most of my adult life creating abstract art, but hear me out.

How many of us have gone off to college with the vague notion of "finding ourselves"? We use that time to figure out who we are and what we want to do – sometimes to the chagrin of our parents – not only through our class work, but also through our social interactions, living on our own for the first time.

That's what abstract art is, really. A transition from the familiar to the unfamiliar, followed by a need to ascribe our own meaning to it. Abstract art, much like college itself, is that unexplored frontier that piques our interest and beckons us to follow. It's no coincidence that so many of my designs evoke humanity's uncertain yearnings – outer space, and the ocean deep – whether it's Galactic Paradise, Lavender Cosmos, Neon Aquatic Odyssey, or Aqua Sunrise.

And, of course, we should mentally prepare ourselves for the moment that our children do what we did – that is to say, rebel – trying to make the world what they think it should be, and not what we think it should be. See above, re: trusting their decision making!

Give the Gift of Wall Art

OK, we've made our peace with them leaving, but what can we give them to help them on their journey? If I may humbly suggest, it seems that most college students are looking for things they can use to decorate their walls – and you can help them stand out by giving them something unique and personally meaningful. I mean, every other student is going to have a Klimt or a Kandinsky, a Van Gogh or a Monet. But honestly, how many copies of "Starry Night" can one dorm hold?

Here at Real Abstract Design, we offer a number of canvas prints, easy to transport and ready to hang. Far from basic, each design carries its own edgy aesthetic. The experimental use of color creates mesmerizing vistas that suggest movement and evoke humbling thoughts of the infinite. These prints feel spontaneous yet structured, channeling the new-found freedoms and responsibilities that come with suddenly living on your own.

Give the gift of abstract art: canvas prints, ready to hang. Edgy designs make the perfect gift for your college student.

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Give the Gift of Abstract Design: Laptop Cases

Did you have your own laptop when you went to college? Today, it's essential! And not only do kids want to imbue their laptops with their own personal style – it's likely you've seen all the stickers and decals they've stuck to the top of it – but as a practical matter, they need to protect it. That's where our laptop sleeves come into play.

These snug, lightweight sleeves are padded on the inside, and the outside is resistant to water, oil, and heat. Very affordable, these sleeves are available in our most popular designs →

Give the gift of abstract art: padded laptop case, water resistant laptop sleeve. Edgy design, great gift for college student

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Give the Gift of Abstract Art: Notebooks

Of course, not everything is digital. Sometimes you do need to take notes with a pen and paper. Luckily, we have more than a dozen different design options for classic dot grid spiral notebooks. Your college-bound student may not yet realize it, but these notebooks are sure to come in handy when they least expect it!

Give the gift of abstract art: spiral notebooks. Take notes with pen, pencil, paper. Edgy design, gift for college student.

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Give the Gift of Abstract Art: Mouse Pads

One of the focal points of any dorm room is the computer setup. Why not add a bit of personality to it? We've got traditional mouse pads and larger gaming mouse pads, available in our most popular, edgy designs. They won't need to worry about jerky mouse movements, as the under layer features a reliable non-slip surface that keeps the entire mat firmly rooted to the table. Whatever their needs, whatever their style, we've got them covered →

Give the gift of abstract art: mouse pads, gaming mouse pads. Edgy designs make the perfect gift for your college student.

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Give the Gift of Abstract Art: Practical Products, Edgy Designs

Here at Real Abstract Design, our mission is to surround you and your loved ones with beauty and style, to challenge and comfort you at the same time, while providing practical, high-quality products that you will want to use again and again. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us.

And best wishes to your loved one on a great college experience!

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