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Looking for the Perfect Accessory? Here's a Good Everyday Shoulder Bag

Looking for the Perfect Accessory? Here's a Good Everyday Shoulder Bag

I'm excited to tell you about our new product line here at Real Abstract Design. We recently added Versatile Shoulder Bags, available in more than a dozen different designs, and they've quickly become one of our most asked-about items. Like most of our products, these bags are practical, but they also offer you a bit of style!

Your Bag Is an Extension of Your Personality

Let's talk first about the art. You can get bags anywhere. You've come to Real Abstract Design because you want to be inspired, because you want something unique, perhaps a little edgy.

After all, your bag contains those personal items that you need to keep close, more or less at all times. It becomes an extension of yourself, a means of self-expression. You have something to say, and that generic-looking bag you've been carrying around isn't saying it.

The beauty – the allure – of abstract art is that it's able to express ... well, the inexpressible. Joan Miró, a fellow abstract artist, once said, "I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music."

Indeed. Have you ever been moved by an unexpected song on the radio or someone's playlist? (Or even – I'll admit it – at the grocery store?) All of a sudden, you're transported to another time and place, carried along by unbidden emotions. And yet, now it's different, because you're different. That's how abstract art works, too: it tugs at the edges of your subconscious, generating feelings that can't be put into words. Its meaning remains fluid, impossible to pin down, changing along with you.

The fashion styles at Real Abstract Design work on you in similar ways. The designs available for these bags are meant to challenge and comfort you at the same time, with an experimental use of color that suggests movement and adventure. In other words, designs as unique and indefinable as you are.

Browse through our Versatile Shoulder Bags and see what strikes you, what moves you, what truly expresses your personality. As a starting point, Lavender Cosmos is one of our more popular designs:

Looking for the perfect purse? Here's a good everyday bag, available in Lavender Cosmos and a dozen other abstract designs.

See All Bag Design Options

Purse, Pocketbook, or Handbag?

What's in a name? It doesn't matter to us what you call it! Our bags come with adjustable, removable wrist and shoulder straps, so you can call it a shoulder bag, call it a crossbody bag, or change straps and call it a handbag – whatever the occasion calls for. Use the shoulder strap to keep your hands free for daytime activities, then switch to the wrist strap for an evening out. Either way, you're out and about in style.

I wear my own just about everywhere (Galactic Magenta, if you were curious), and it's become quite the conversation starter. Plus, with the zip-top enclosure and multiple inside pockets – including both slip pockets and zip pockets – it's easy to keep my essentials secure and organized.

Oh, and dry. I found myself caught in the rain not long ago, and I'm happy to report that nothing in my bag was the slightest bit wet! The bags are made of premium faux leather, and not only does it look amazing, but it saved my stuff from getting waterlogged. Now the rest of my outfit was another story...

Adjustable, removable straps: the shoulder strap creates a crossbody bag that keeps your hands free for daytime activities.Or switch to the wrist strap for an evening out, whatever the occasion calls for. Either way, you're out and about in style!

Get a Closer Look at the Bags

Vegan Leather Bags

Speaking of being water resistant, I'm proud to let you know that the bags available at Real Abstract Design are made with "vegan leather." I'm vegan myself, in my diet and in my day-to-day habits, and I'm delighted to be able to offer you a bag that I feel good about using myself.

Plus, try seeing a leather bag withstand an unexpected rainstorm! There's not only the aesthetic danger of cracking (or drenching your personal items), but moisture + leather invites mold and fungus, growing in places that are hard to clean. Avoid the funky smell, and go vegan with your bag!

Made with premium faux leather (vegan leather), which looks amazing & protects your bag's contents from water damage and mold.

See More Bag Design Options

Help Support Small Business

You may have guessed that Real Abstract Design is a woman-owned small business. And you may have wondered if that really matters. Turns out, it does! Roughly two thirds of every dollar (67¢) spent at small businesses in the U.S. stays in the local community. And the benefits don't stop there: almost a quarter of every dollar (23¢) spent at small businesses gets reinvested back into other small businesses, keeping the virtuous cycle going!¹

Wonderful for local communities, you might think, but in the grand scheme of things, do small businesses make much of a difference? A relatively recent study found that, if small businesses in the U.S. (employing fewer than 100 employees) were a country, they would have a GDP (gross domestic product) of $4.8 trillion, equivalent to the GDP of Japan, the third largest economy in the world.² So if small businesses were to go away, the global economic impact would be certainly be catastrophic.

You always hear vague things about how spending money helps the economy, but now we've got some numbers behind it. So, by buying your next bag here, not only would you be projecting your own unique, personal style, but you'd also be supporting small business and the role it plays in the overall economy.

2/3 of every dollar spent at US small businesses stays in the community. Support small business, shop at independent stores.

Support Small Business

¹ Source →
² Source →

Abstract Art Gift Shop

I think that wraps up most of the topics I've heard people ask about regarding the new line of Versatile Shoulder Bags, but if you have questions I haven't covered here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

And, of course, don't forget about the full range of products we have available, from phone cases and laptop sleeves to mugs and tote bags. Our abstract art gift shop includes a wide range of practical, high-quality products that you will want to use again and again, available in the unique, edgy designs you've come to expect from us!

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